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Alarm center is a system used to manage users’ data and deal with alarm information. The operation interface is easy to understand. The main features are:

1.Alarm signal receipt, recognition and record

Support alarm receiver communication format

Support caller ID display

Link with network video monitoring to support automatic display and record of alarm spot

Alarm, arm, disarm information checking

Recognize all format (HM, CID, 4+2) alarm signal from receiver

2.Set up user data base

Support octal and hexadecimal number system

Support the structure of user/ defense zone, user

Support the structure of taking the defense zone as the user unit

Record all the calling; recognize the legality

3.E-map and universal dashboard

Red LED indicator to show alarm

Different color to show the status of arm, disarm, fault, alarm

E-map wander (use the left mouse button)

E-map amplifying

Support multilevel map

4.Operator password and data maintenance function

Operator password setting (default: admin)

User can manage his own password

Check and rebuilt data index

Automatic data back-up

5.Multi-media features

Different alarm audio for different alarm events

Audio alarm choice

6.Hardware support

Auto-search hardward

Hardware problem alert


Please make sure your computer meet the installation condition requirements of this software.

CPU: above P

Hard disk: >80M

Storage: CDROM

Internal memory: 256M RAM

Display: standard VGA

Motherboard: a COM port is required

Operating system: Windows 2003 or Windows XPSP2


CPU: above P4

Hard disk: >80G

Storage: CDROM

Internal memory: 512M RAM

Display: 17” CTR or 15” LCD

Motherboard: with USB port

Operating system: Windows 2003 (SP4) or Windows XPSP3


Alarm center installation disc, USB cable (used to connect the alarm receiver and the computer)


Technical parameters

1. host technical parameters

Card number: max 7 cards and 14 telephone ports

System password: 6-digit

Input power: 220V AC±10%   50Hz

DC+12V power input: 5A(48W)

DC+5V power input:2A(10W)

Max power for the whole unit: 8W

Status power: 4W

Max power for each card: 0.65W

Siren output: 24V AC/1A

Telephone line inspection interval time: 5s

AC Power inspection interval time: <1s

Phone card inspection interval time: 3s

Batteryinspection interval time: 1minute

Case material: iron

Case size: 46*43*13.5cm card technical parameters

receive DTMF format



c.ADEMCO 4+2


USB cable *1

220V power cable *1

User manual *1

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